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Used to known as Syahirah. Born on October 30. I proud to be myself and love doing what i enjoyed. Hey you! yeah you, no bashing or judging kay? Being cool, we all born on the same planet. Duuuh~ just be nice with me and I'll do the same, easy huh? Thanks.

Feeling : Can't explain it with words.
Eating : Your heart.
Doing : Reading you mind.
Watching : You.
Listening to : Voice of your heart.

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It's me~!!

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FT Island~!!^^
Written at Sunday, August 23, 2009 | back to top


i found this video..


it's really cute~^^

i'm not sure about the tittle~

although don't understand what they talk about~


just laugh when i think it's funny~^^


it's my fout times i watch FT Island sleep~

it's really cute~

it make me remember thair ex-member~


i miss his ANGELIC SMILE~!!

i feel wanna cry now~


Part 1~^^

Part 2~^^

Part 3~^^