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today Kakak, Nana and I went to Jusco a.k.a Aeon *...
19 NOVEMBER 2011. Don't just look on it! MARK IT I...
Kim Ji Won a.k.a Ummu Syahirah =3
last day before mid year holidays !!
R.I.P to my blog~ ==''
Ummu a.k.a Jiwon

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last day before mid year holidays !!
Written at Sunday, May 29, 2011 | back to top

on the last day only a few students came to's a bit fun cause we didn't study anything except for science ==''

Hafiz bring camera to school so he took some pic of us. here i'm gonna show you some pictures that thaken by Hafiz Afiq !!

it's hard to see him doing work with a serious face~ ke ke ke

Syamirul trying to gave his "handsome" smile even his look totally tired~ (i know why~) and Nazrey and Adib alerady fall asleep~

Khairul and Farhana trololololol !!! XDD

this is Safwan~ he is finishing his work~

i can't remember what am i doing on that time actually~

we alerady pose and ready to take a pic but someone just make us laugh and this is what happend~ ugly and funny face appear in our face~ ==''

and finally~ we alerady have our pretty and handsome pic !! but i almost laugh that why i'm cover my mouth~ ==''

done!! it's just a few from what Hafiz took~ i will never forget that day ~ =DD i'm slowly fall in love with my 2011's class \m/
R.I.P to my blog~ ==''
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my friends keep asking me how to design their blog..but i'm not good in designing blog actually =='' so i just tell them what i know..

day by day..many of my friends already started to using blog..they should created their blog when i'm active using it cause i'm SUPERB LAZY to update my blog now~
(sorry to my followers *bow*)
ke ke ke ke ke

i'm active in using twitter, tumblr and facebook now but i just don't know what i should update here. sometimes i think what i should write to attrack my followers and sometimes i think will you read my update?

i will try to spent my here maybe i will update a lil bit 'bout myself~ (maybe) so wait for my next update okay !!!!