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Kim Ji Won a.k.a Ummu Syahirah =3
last day before mid year holidays !!
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Ummu a.k.a Jiwon

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Kim Ji Won a.k.a Ummu Syahirah =3
Written at Friday, June 24, 2011 | back to top

i read her update a few days ago and it make me almost crying. i never expect that she will wrote something like, i'm so shocked! (BEAST- Shock Mood: ACTIVE!) i really really appreciate it!! so now, i will tell a lil bit about my awesome BFF EVER!!

everyone know that she really like Park Jiyeon, she treat Jiyeon like her own sister. she is very *daebak..and she is just a perfect friend!! sometimes i just can't believe that we're not in the same school anymore..she's study in boaring school..and it's hard to meet her now~ TT^TT (i miss her damn so much!)
*Daebak= means something like awesome

i want to meet her and tell her all the things that happen at school, but when will i meet her? we're both are kinda busy now T^T i just wish that i can spent my time with her again and since we are KPOP FREAK we will do the things that we always do..FAN GIRLING!! ha ha ha we're always fight about bias..(miss that moment)

to Ummu Syahirah a.k.a Ji Won, if you read this..please..DON'T LAUGH OKAY?? i know it's funny =='' Saranghae chinguya~^^