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Used to known as Syahirah. Born on October 30. I proud to be myself and love doing what i enjoyed. Hey you! yeah you, no bashing or judging kay? Being cool, we all born on the same planet. Duuuh~ just be nice with me and I'll do the same, easy huh? Thanks.

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Watching : You.
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Ummu a.k.a Jiwon
Written at Friday, March 11, 2011 | back to top

Jiyeon addict already arrived home. Now i'm chatting with her...waahhh MISS HER SO MUCH!!!! i though i got a lots of hot issue to tell her but then..all the story are gone !!! i only remember the story about Micky

I'm so curious about Micky, woooohh i wonder what he think about her. =,='' wonder if i can read his mind~ isn't cool??? LOL

I don't know why i got head ache while typing this..feel like i will faint in any time..=,='' what i'm talking about nih??

Oh! by the way..i can't post any pic here..cause i use my sister lappy and she didn't allow me to save any pic here..grrr

When i will have my own lappy??? anyone want to buy it for me??? ^^