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Written at Monday, May 28, 2012 | back to top

did you saw the tittle? (FINALLYY~~!!?) yeah! want to know what i mean? kay *take a deep breath* LET'S START! Still remember 15 May 2012? It's the date of Infinite's comeback! what i mean is NEW ALBUM! yes! they released their new album called Infinitize. Cool huh? so here is the album that i talked about.
please note that picture is not mine. credit to the owner. =)
i love how they used their official colour in their new album. ;) Anyways, i bought it together with the poster. All total is RM55 including shipping, i know it's VALUABLE! i make a survey before i bought it and this is the CHEAPEST! They will give the poster in tube which is cost only RM5 cause others shop sell it RM60++. =_=
this is the poster that i will get! The Boys look DAMN HOT, right?
Now let's continue to the MAIN STORY!
So i was checking my email at this late night and i saw this..
and when i opened it...
did you read that?!! IT'S MEAN MY INFINITIZE WILL ARRIVE TODAYYY! *juming* *dancing around* *rolling on the floor* i'm so gonna wake up early and wait for poslaju! =D Abang Poslaju datang cepat sikit tau! Don't worry readers, i will post the pic of my INFINITIZE in just a few hours. =3 So far i had First Invasion, Inpirit and OTT including Infinitize then i'll have 4 albums of Infinite! i should buy Evolution and OTTR so i'll have all the album! Act, i dun plan to buy their japanese album cause usually japanese albums are expensive! wait until i become a BILLIONAIRE then i'll buy all their albums. =D ke ke ke Buhbye! See ya! *say it in Dongwoo ver*