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Used to known as Syahirah. Born on October 30. I proud to be myself and love doing what i enjoyed. Hey you! yeah you, no bashing or judging kay? Being cool, we all born on the same planet. Duuuh~ just be nice with me and I'll do the same, easy huh? Thanks.

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today Kakak, Nana and I went to Jusco a.k.a Aeon *...
19 NOVEMBER 2011. Don't just look on it! MARK IT I...
Kim Ji Won a.k.a Ummu Syahirah =3
last day before mid year holidays !!
R.I.P to my blog~ ==''
Ummu a.k.a Jiwon

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today Kakak, Nana and I went to Jusco a.k.a Aeon *awkward* to find birthday present for my bestie! i act want to but her T-ara album but it's sooo expensive! so i just bought her Infinite pillow since she love Hoya! LOL as a Inspirit it's hard for me to stare at it, so u hugged it before give it to her. *lol sorry Ummu* We act want to go watch movie but all the movies are boring so we decide to go to karaoke but it's full! Thought today is not our lucky, maybe. Then Nana suggested to go play you know..token punya game. Act we dun play any game, we used 22 tokens just to take sticker photo! It the most thing that I want to do with my bestie and my boyfie, but never get chance. Thought today is my chance to do it. So I bought 10 tokens and take my very first sticker photo! Wanna see it? wait!
TADAHHHH! it's our first try so just looked at my face. Damn funny. =_=
Looked at the green picture! i'm not ready yet but it's already counted "3, 2, 1 CHAKAA" and my face was like.. =__^;; can imagine it? And it's time to editing the picture! and Wallaaahhh! when I saw my pic I was like "what the heck is wrong with my eyes? why it's bigger? OMG! IT'S PHOTOHOPED!!!" LOL it looks like i'm wearing lens and my eyes are bigger like japanese girl~ =_= so unnatural! TT TT Then we decide to take another picture by using the 2nd machine. White Corner if i'm not wrong. But i's a bit expensive cause we need to used 12 tokens! but it's worth it! why? kay just see! hehehe
JJANG JJANG! it's looks much better, isn't? ^3^ See the difference? No? then just find it yourself! lol sorry. I wish Ummu was with us! since she's my bestie forever so i want to take sticker photo with her so badd1 =(( Ummu! next time let's take it together! just us! LOL ahh~ i really had fun today! May 30 will be one of my best moment with my bestie~ ^3^
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Since this year gonna be my last year as a SMK SAAS Kajang student so we decided to make a class tee!! i have friend that can help in designing a tee for class so i decided to asked helping me in desingning tee. Well, i'm not doing it alone. I discussed it with one of my friend. Wanna see our design! believe me it's really cool kay! (note: cover your eyes first) why? just wait and see!
TADAAHHHH! IT'S BRIGHT RED !! the RED remind me with CASSIES` ;))
AWESOME SENIORS 2012! IT WAS MY IDEA KAYY! ^3^ But my classmates dun really like it so we changed it to Purple and Yellow. *imagine imagine*. However, we have this lil conflict about the designed. i shouldn't write it here cause it just a small problem. =D We might changed the design just a lil change and just wait until we find a supplier . i'll post it when it's done! =3 Adios Amigo~
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did you saw the tittle? (FINALLYY~~!!?) yeah! want to know what i mean? kay *take a deep breath* LET'S START! Still remember 15 May 2012? It's the date of Infinite's comeback! what i mean is NEW ALBUM! yes! they released their new album called Infinitize. Cool huh? so here is the album that i talked about.
please note that picture is not mine. credit to the owner. =)
i love how they used their official colour in their new album. ;) Anyways, i bought it together with the poster. All total is RM55 including shipping, i know it's VALUABLE! i make a survey before i bought it and this is the CHEAPEST! They will give the poster in tube which is cost only RM5 cause others shop sell it RM60++. =_=
this is the poster that i will get! The Boys look DAMN HOT, right?
Now let's continue to the MAIN STORY!
So i was checking my email at this late night and i saw this..
and when i opened it...
did you read that?!! IT'S MEAN MY INFINITIZE WILL ARRIVE TODAYYY! *juming* *dancing around* *rolling on the floor* i'm so gonna wake up early and wait for poslaju! =D Abang Poslaju datang cepat sikit tau! Don't worry readers, i will post the pic of my INFINITIZE in just a few hours. =3 So far i had First Invasion, Inpirit and OTT including Infinitize then i'll have 4 albums of Infinite! i should buy Evolution and OTTR so i'll have all the album! Act, i dun plan to buy their japanese album cause usually japanese albums are expensive! wait until i become a BILLIONAIRE then i'll buy all their albums. =D ke ke ke Buhbye! See ya! *say it in Dongwoo ver*